File this under attitude adjustment…


Our town wakes up to find out that for some unknown reason, our water is gone. WHAT??? Phone calls to the village before it is open are met with a message something to the effect of “If you are calling about the water, we know, we are working on it.”

Mystery, mystery.

How fricking annoying!! I had plans for that water!

And then I think about Flint, Michigan. I think about other countries, other places that do not have clean water on ANY day. Women who walk long distances to dirty streams to carry water back to their villages. And are grateful for the water that I wouldn’t want to wash my hair in, let alone drink.

I’m over my annoyance now. The water will be back on when it’s back on, and I will be grateful to live in a place that has water at all. Most of the time, at least.

It’s all about perspective. And gratitude.

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