Kelly Coaching Packages

Looking for the Nitty-Gritty?


Here it is, the packages and fees in a nutshell. If there is something that you need that you don’t see here, get in touch, we can talk about creating something special just for you. 


Mindset, Transformation, Creativity and Business Coaching:

These packages are for you if you are looking to build good self-talk, habits, rituals and beliefs, and systems that will transform your world into the place you want to live and work in. We will work on self-esteem, clarity, goals, thoughts, beliefs, habits, and rituals that will take you from stuck to significance.  For Business-focused clients, we will additionally work on setting up a business and marketing plan that will help you to live a great life while running a successful and fun business.

One-off Coaching Package: Fee: $135 

For the client who has a specific issue, mindset, or challenge they are facing.  Coaching is 60 minutes over the phone and includes applicable resources and written support.     

On-Going Coaching One-on-one Package: Fee: $400 per month.

For the client who will benefit from ongoing support, this package includes three calls per month for 60 minutes on a set schedule, as well as a ongoing journal document so that you can focus on the day to day issues and questions that come up and we can spend our coaching time on highly efficient work.                                   

*For best results a minimum of six months to start is encouraged, though many clients continue this package much longer, appreciating the need for accountability, clarity, motivation, and support. 


Writing Packages: 

Content Editing and Consultation: 

This package is for the client who has written their first draft and wants a professional editor to help them with theme, storytelling, tone, pace, character development, and more. Cost is determined by the length of the project  * Price estimates are given for each project, taking into consideration the amount of work and time. 

Writing Coaching: Fee $400/monthly

This package is for the client who wants to write a book but doesn’t know where to begin and is looking for teaching, support, content creation suggestions, and a professional writer to work with them every step of the way from beginning to the end.  We will use Google Docs to work together in real-time, creating a story you can be proud of. In addition, three calls a month will support you with professional tips and suggestions.


Creative Consultant Fee- varies

This is for the client who has a creative project either in mind or in progress and wants a professional consultant to help them in some tangible capacity. It is uniquely designed to fit your specific project or idea. 

Some examples of how this has worked in the past:

Start-up, new business Consulting:  $135 and up depending on the length of time needed.

This is for the client who wants help with a brand new venture, from designing and brainstorming ideas for branding concepts to color choices, how to create functional systems, and other important strategies, but who don’t feel the need for on-going support.

Writing consultant: 

For clients who want to discuss a book and/or story ideas, or for a professional opinion on book covers and other design elements for times when they don’t need a full-on writing coach. This is also good for resume support and other forms of writing when a second pair of eyes would be super helpful.


HotLine Consultant!   $135

This is the perfect package when something is stuck in your mind and you need someone to talk to who will carefully listen without Judgment or criticism. Sometimes a person just needs a safe place to vent and talk out their troubles out loud. I’m here for you! Calls are set up by appointment only.