One of the things I love most is the opportunity to educate, inspire and motivate your audience by sharing my unique journey from two-time high school dropout and teenage mother through divorce and life’s challenges to building a rewarding career as a successful entrepreneur, published author, artist and Creative Coach working with clients to upgrade their mindsets and systems to create the life they want.  I am passionate about helping others find their personal power to transform their lives, creativity and business.

My practical tips will get your audience laughing and nodding in agreement while getting them unstuck and into immediate action with inspiring, humorous and valuable messages. Your audiences will take home the powerful skills they need to achieve success in these demanding times.

Here is a small sample of my most popular topics, which can be custom-crafted to fit the needs of your audience. My message is perfectly suited for  Keynote Addresses, Workshops, Women’s Organizations, Corporate, Small Business Associations, and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to inspire transformation, personal integrity, resilience, and the power of love and self-worth to take you and your business to that next level.

We are All a Phoenix Rising.

The powerful story of how this two-time high school drop-out with a history of drugs, teenage pregnancy, and living on her own as a single parent at sixteen climbed her way to success will have your audience on the edge of their seat with tissues in hand as I share my heart-earned knowledge about resilience, personal integrity, commitment, unconditional love and what it takes to succeed. The wisdom and lessons learned through my journey will help you understand your own struggles with shame and disappointments and how to turn them into your personal power to create the future you were uniquely designed to have.

Journey to the Center of Your Heart- The powerful awakening journey to transform your  Business, Relationships, and Life.

Take this Journey to the Center of your Heart and learn how you can build a strong, focused, unshakable mindset, as well as the personal integrity, strength of character, and loving heart-centered soul needed to weather any storm. In these challenging times, it is critical to be centered in your core Spiritual and Heart Truths, both in life and in business. Being successful today takes courage, perseverance and strength of character, as well as clarity and confidence.  (Also available as a weekend workshop, or can be used as a powerful ongoing six-week workshop)

The Powerful Traits of Extraordinary Leaders

This humorous, lighthearted talk will provide the audience with practical, useful enlightening information they can use immediately to improve their leadership skills and improve their future.

Get Out of Bed on Fire But Don’t Burn the Laundry!

In this humorous and inspiring talk, I will share my secrets and tips for keeping her motivation and passion on FIRE while maintaining the responsibilities of managing a busy family and personal life. Life/Business balance may be a challenge or even a myth, but with four kids, grandkids, three big dogs, and six novels under her belt, this international business coach and serial entrepreneur has mastered the teeter-totter secrets of a busy thriving life and is willing to “tell all” to provide your audience with practical valuable information that could save them from burn-out, overwhelm and disengagement.

These are only a small example of the topics and subjects that Wendi addresses. Please get in touch so we can create a custom-crafted story for your unique needs.

To contact Wendi about booking your next speaking engagement or workshop, please go here: or email her at Wendik825@gmail.com