Here is a little blurb about who I am and what I’m doing here. 

The Who Am I part:

I am a creative woman of significant age who has lived through a wide variety of experiences, terrifying and spectacular,  all of which collectively make the soup of my soul.  I have grown children and grandchildren who are the loves of my life and I live with the other love of my life, (John) next to the mountains in southwest Virginia. I love to write, paint, garden, cook fresh and delicious recipes, volunteer, go hiking in the mountains, and play my drums. 

The What Am I Doing Here part:

I am here to share my creative hobbies, inspiration, life lessons, knowledge and tips for the purpose of inspiring other creative people to live a creative, inspired life that they love. 

The How Do I Do That part:

I do that by working with people who want more creativity, self-confidence, balance, joy, and love in their lives. That’s fun. This is the underlying aspect of everything I do.

Sometimes they want to turn that creativity from a hobby to a business. I help them with that also in a variety of ways.

Often, clients want more HOW TO knowledge. How to write a book, how to paint, how to express themselves more professionally as a speaker, how to organize and conquer difficult projects, how to stay motivated or change poor habits, or how to stay accountable and on task. I do the how-to parts a lot.

There is no One Size Fits All Price List or Package for that, each person gets the help they want, in the way they need.

Occasionally, I do teaching engagements, speaking engagements, and small-group classes, so if you have a request, get in touch.

And of course, what’s REALLY fun, are clients who want to buy art, books, or other products that come along from time to time. Because, after all, once artists and writers have made our stuffs, it’s always rewarding to pass it along to someone who loves it.

But no matter how I am working with people, one thing is always at the core:

Inspiring people to gain clarity, creativity, and confidence, and helping them build a life they love to live is at the heart of everything I do.

Does that sound like somebody you want to hang out with? I hope so!

Let’s talk.

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