World on Fire

It’s dawning on many of us that there will be no “going back to normal” when Covid has subsided. We are in a world on fire, burning from a dangerous virus determined to wreak death and havoc on a planet that was not prepared for this misery. A world war three that every country has been drafted in by default. 

Like 9/11, there will be no returning to life as we knew it. There will only be sorting through the damage and rubble to create a new world with new rules to live by.

The proactive among us will find new opportunities, different paths, creative ideas to support new growth and rebuilding.

The fearful and allergic to change will cling to the past and look for ways to go back through a barracked door that will never open again.

Just like it never opened after the WW wars, the Depression, the Industrial Revolution, 9/11, and others. Seismic shifts in the world’s path happen and we adjust.

This isn’t necessarily a message for today. Today’s message is just to stay home and do our part.

But it’s a seed to plant, a seed to water and see what grows. And it will be interesting because I believe it will grow into something with a lot of challenges, but also a lot of opportunities and ways to see the heart and soul of who we are.

One thing that is always true: hearts and souls are on display in a crisis. The best of us and the worst of us. I truly-TRULY- believe that the best of us will rise to the occasion.

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